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Note: Voxxlife is a totally separate company and product being sold on its own. When you click “purchase button” you will be redirected to my VoxxLife replicated website where you can order and also get more information.

Voxxlife HPT (Human Potential Technology) is a game changer wearable neurotechnology that enhances the body’s ability to heal itself.

My Story

Since my stroke in 1987 I’ve tried many products, and I can honestly say that these socks & insoles are the best thing I’ve ever purchased! The swelling in my feet is gone, I no longer have leg cramps at night, I sleep better, my transfers are better on my feet and my back doesn’t get a spasm when I lean forward to stand. The more I wear them, the more I notice the benefits. I absolutely love my socks & insoles. Nothing makes me happier than helping people, which is why I’m introducing you to these amazing socks & insoles. I hope you will try.

How can a Sock or Insole help so many people?

There’s a pattern on the bottom of the sock and inside the Insole that touches specific neuro-points,  dermatomes and mechanoreceptors in the metatarsal part of the foot creating “Homeostasis” or equilibrium in the mid brain. The mid brain is responsible for automatic functions such as:    


 Balance,   Stability,   Strength,   Power,   Range of Motion,   Flexibility,   Mobility  and so much more.


The moment our foot touches the tech it opens up communication pathways to become instantly stronger, more balanced, reduce pain and increase range of motion. Putting the body into balance is the magic bullet to a lot of pain and symptoms we suffer from.

This AMAZING Technology is for everyone!  These products have been tried and tested in controlled scientific settings and have been proven to not only improve balance and mobility, but are also extremely beneficial in aiding with arthritic pain and diabetic neuropathy pain. 



Wellness & Casual Socks

The Wellness line provides comfortable, seamless, non-binding socks for everyday wear.  Our wellness socks are designed to give you more energy, improved balance and stability, pain relief and are safe and recommended for diabetes sufferers. – Now available in a non-slip design!


Content: 70% Cotton – 25% Polyester – 3% Spandex – 2% Nylon


Athletic Socks

Athletic Stasis Socks will take your athletic performance to new levels. With the best finish and greatest feel of any socks you have ever worn, VoxxLife socks provide an incredible fit along with all performance benefits of Voxx HPT technology.

Content: 70% Nylon – 27% Polyester – 3% Spandex

Check out all the options for your active lifestyle.


Voxx Terra Boot Socks

Do you work out doors? Do you hike? Hunt? Fish?

 This mid-size boot sock features full-cushion support and comfort, arch support and superior moisture wicking.  

Content: 52.5% Acrylic – 22.5% Wool – 20% Polyester – 5% Spandex



Lack of stability and balance account for 95% of foot and back pain issues. VoxxLife Insoles incorporating Voxx HPT are designed for any user who wants ultimate comfort, wellness and performance in whatever they do. Tests show relief from foot pain, increased balance, strength and range of motion. There is NO comparable product. VoxxLife Insoles out perform and offer more benefits than custom orthotics at a fraction of the price and in an easy to use trim-to-fit design.

Content: Polyurethane, With A Nylon Liner

Harmony HPT Patches

These 24-hour patches, placed on the inside of your forearm, provide all the benefits of Voxx HPT and can be worn easily and inconspicuously no matter what the daily activity. 

The Voxx Harmony HPT Neuropatches are: 

Drug Free • Non-Invasive • Non-Electrical • Chemical Free • Provide Immediate Benefits • Easy to Use • Comfortable to wear • Inconspicuous • Affordable • Water Resistant


Extra Cash?

What would you do with an extra $ 200 per month? How about $ 500 per month? Or $ 1,000? More?

What if you could invest into having your own home based business for as little as $40 to earn that extra residual income, would that interest you? Let’s chat and get you started on an EPIC journey!!

Free Products?

Host a Sock n’ Sole party – Get Free Products!

Help your family & friends get better balance, stability and pain relief! Simply reach out to me.





Need Fundraiser Idea?

Does anybody out there have kids in school sports, athletic leagues, traveling competitive teams, cheerleading, gymnastics? If you belong to a church group, Boy/Girl Scouts, not-for-profits, or anything with ongoing fundraising needs, put the “fun” back in fundraising by considering VOXX socks & insoles. No more door-to-door sales or car washes. Perfect for all age groups and clubs of any kind. As your sponsor, it will be my pleasure to help you in any way.

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